Sam Matheny : Hearing Aid Specialist

Sam Matheny

Oregon Hearing Health Service

Hearing Aid Specialist

Sam has been well educated in the art and science of properly selecting and fitting hearing aids. By joining his dad in the family business, he guarantees the continuation of Dan's dedication to improving peoples' lives by helping them hear their best. His caring approach to our clients and prospective clients, combined with the wonders of today's technology, is bringing excellent results to all who avail themselves of his service. He loves his work, and is very well-suited to this profession. Sam adds a new dimension to the business, as we confer together with clients to best meet their hearing needs.

Kristi Brooks : Receptionist, Client Relations Specialist

Kristi Brooks

Oregon Hearing Health Service

Receptionist, Client Relations Specialist

Kristi is friendly and helpful, and can help you take advantage of your hearing aid benefits with your insurance company or HMO, having been involved in billing insurance companies for many years. Please feel free to call her with any questions. She is truly a problem solver.