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Hear Life Again

At Oregon Hearing Health Services, we empower you to rediscover the joy of sound through personalized hearing solutions and compassionate support. We believe in providing clear communication, flexible scheduling, and tailored rehabilitation programs that guide you on your journey to better hearing and a richer, more fulfilling life.

Meet Our Team

What Makes Us Different?


We are experts in the fitting of hearing aids. We will do everything we can to help you to adapt to, enjoy, and get the most from your hearing aids.

If your ears are healthy, but you have difficulty hearing, please contact us. We will be happy to help you and would love to have you as our friends. We (you and us) will decide what fits you and your lifestyle the best, and you will have a chance to wear the solution for 6 weeks without obligation.

We are not audiologists.

We cannot treat diseases or organic problems with the ear. If you think you may have a problem related to the health of your ears, please contact an ear doctor or ENT. Do not delay, as ongoing damage may not be reversible.

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Sam Matheny

Hearing Aid Specialist

Sam is well-educated in the art and science of properly selecting and  fitting hearing aids. Sam joined his father in the family business in  2014, dedicated to continuing the quality of service offered since 1992.  Sam offers a caring approach to clients and prospective clients, and combined with the wonders of today's technology, is bringing excellent results. Sam loves his work and is motivated to offer the latest innovations to clients to best meet their hearing needs.


Kristi Brooks

Receptionist, Client Relations Specialist

Kristi is friendly and helpful, and can help you take advantage of your hearing aid benefits with your insurance company or HMO, having been involved in billing insurance companies for many years. Please feel free to call her with any questions. She is truly a problem solver.