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Does it sound to you like people are mumbling? Do you miss words that other people can understand? Do you have to ask people to repeat themselves? We can help!

A short drive to Lebanon can save you irritation, regrets, and money!

We specialize in happy, satisfied clients.

We have amazing hearing aids that make your hearing experience much more friendly to you by connecting wirelessly to your cell phone, TV or music, and remote microphones.

You live in a noisy world. The latest technology in hearing aids can reduce the perception of noise, while enhancing the perception of speech. That results in better hearing. When people can hear better they became much more involved in life. Ask about the marvelous benefits of wireless connectivity of hearing instruments to your cell phone and other devices.

Don't let a hearing loss (yours or your loved one's) get in the way of your enjoyment of life!

At Oregon Hearing Health Service, our goal is to make your transition to better hearing easy for you. That's been our focus for 26 years, and with today's technology, it is better than ever!

We will take the time needed to make sure that you are happy with your hearing aids and that they are functioning properly. We proudly feature high quality hearing aids from several manufacturers, specializing in Unitron, Starkey, ReSound, Siemens(Signia), Phonak and others.

Our focus is on providing exceptional service and excellent hearing aids at affordable prices.

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We offer interest free or low interest payment plans on approved credit, we accept most credit cards, and we accept most insurance plans. Also, many school and government employees have policies that pay for hearing aids. We are an Oregon Health Plan provider. We are network providers for several payers. 

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"With over 28 years experience helping people hear their best, We will assist you in hearing all the important little things that make life interesting. We are committed to providing the best hearing solutions available in the market today."

We offer a 45-day Money-Back Guarantee, The state requires only a 30 day period. We do more for you.

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Hearing Services

  • Hearing Tests and Evaluations
  • Hearing Aid Sales and Service
  • Counseling on hearing aid use and benefits
  • Live Speech Mapping, or Real Ear Measurment
  • Video Otoscope available
  • Middle ear check
  • Ear Health Check
  • Hearing Aid cleanup and repairs

Hearing Aid Styles

  • Open Fit
  • Custom fit In-The-Ear
  • Behind-The-Ear
  • Invisible Hearing Aids
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At Oregon Hearing Health Service in Lebanon, Oregon, we believe that knowledge is power. Learning more about your hearing loss will allow you to take charge of your treatment experience and make fully informed decisions about the future of your hearing care.
•    Hearing loss can be either a sudden or gradual decrease in the ability to hear sounds. It may be temporary or permanent and can range in severity from mild to profound.
•    Hearing loss is one of the most prevalent chronic conditions in the United States. One in five Americans has hearing loss in at least one ear. According to the Hearing Health Foundation, there is a direct link between age and hearing loss with approximately 18% of American adults between the ages of 45 and 54, 30% of adults between ages 65 and 74, and 47% of adults ages 75 and older experiencing impairment.

For a variety of reasons, many people with hearing impairments go without treatment. Some of the emotional and physical effects of untreated hearing loss are:
•    Social and emotional isolation
•    Depression and anxiety
•    Decreased job performance and earning potential
•    Potential to lead to Alzheimer’s and dementia

Some of the benefits to seeking treatment for hearing loss are:
•    The ability to remain socially engaged
•    Improvement in relationships with family, friends and co-workers
•    A better quality of life
•    Increased safety
•    The opportunity to enjoy all the sounds you encounter.