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Specials and Financing

Life is happening. Don’t miss the wonderful sounds that are life’s messages to you. At Oregon Hearing Health Service, our goal is to help you connect to your life better by improving your ability to hear the sounds of life around you.

Unitron Flex:Trial Risk-Free, No-Cost Trial: A Truly Remarkable Program! You are expertly fitted with the hearing aids in the office, adjusted to your hearing needs, and wear them for a month, with no obligation. They can be set to perform at any of several technology levels to show you which hearing aid will help you in your life the best. A free test drive of hearing aids in your everyday life. Amazing. After your trial period, you are free to replace them with permanent hearing aids, or just return them with our thanks for trying.  Check out the program.

Did you know…
• In a National Council on Aging survey, older people with untreated hearing loss were more likely to report sadness and depression, anxiety and worry, paranoia, less social activity and emotional turmoil
• A University of Washington controlled study found that older adults’ risk of dementia significantly increased as a function of hearing loss
• Hearing loss appeared in 80% of patients with history of a myocardial infarction.
• Hearing loss affects more than 40 million Americans. People of all ages and backgrounds experience hearing impairment or loss.
• Over 60% of hearing impaired Americans are under 65 years old.
• Many people seek out hearing aids to help relieve the serious consequences of hearing impairment. As a result, they lead richer, fuller lives.
• Today’s hearing aids are electronic marvels. They give you clear sound in a noisy world. They have wonderful noise reducing circuitry, speech enhancing circuitry, they can select speech from an individual speaker in a noisy room, and can make music sound like you remember it. They can connect to cell phones, land line phones, TVs, music players, and remote microphones worn by someone as far away as 60 feet. They do much more and cost less than they did 15 years ago.

We provide the following specials and financing options for all of our customers:

  • We proudly provide quality batteries for only $2.00 per 6-pack.A choice of several affordable payment plans, on approved credit: Interest free financing from Care Credit, or longer payment plans with low interest.

  • Most out of warranty hearing aid repairs are only $148, with a six month warranty.
  • We accept most credit and debit cards, and we accept most insurance plans.
  • Many school, county and state employees have policies that pay well for hearing aids.
  • We are in-network providers for several healthcare plans including the Oregon Health Plan.

Some things to look forward to from your new hearing aids:

• When you hear sounds better, your brain can work better.
• Wearing your hearing aids can reduce stress.
• People mumble less when you wear your new hearing aids.
• Relationships, music, cell phones, etc. work better when you can hear clearly.
• Hearing aids help you hear what people in crowds are saying.
• Songbirds singing, leaves rustling, now you can enjoy them again.
• More than just wonderful, many of today’s hearing aids are also virtually invisible.
• Thank goodness many of them are virtually waterproof, because people sometimes forget they are wearing them and get them wet in the shower..
• Some hearing aids have very convenient rechargeable batteries.

When you come to us, we will visit about your lifestyle and hearing needs, and we will give you a comprehensive hearing evaluation, at no charge. Then we choose the best course of action, based on your hearing ability, your lifestyle needs, and your budget. We are here for you, to enhance your connection to your wonderful life.

Give us a call 541-258-6166 or leave a message for us on the Contact Us page of this website.