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We provide a selection of the best hearing aids on the market today at very competitive prices. If your budget is limited, we can still provide great hearing aids to truly help you to hear better, with fewer bells and whistles. No matter what level you purchase, you will get full service with a smile.

We sell 6-pack cards of fresh, high quality hearing aid batteries for $2.00 per card.

We love helping people hear their best. Come to Oregon Hearing Health Service to get the best products available, at competitive prices, from a choice of several manufacturers. We won't recommend a hearing aid model unless we've found it to be reliable and suitable for your unique situation. Enjoy wearing your new hearing aids for up to 45 DAYS with a Money-Back Guarantee.

If you (or a loved one) need help hearing better, we're here to help you.

"We are dedicated to offering the best hearing solutions for each individual client, based on their hearing needs, their lifestyle, and their budget. We keep a variety of demonstration hearing aids in stock, and are usually able to get you started with better hearing with what we have on the shelf. We try to get you quickly on the road to better hearing."

"Every day of your life is precious -- why miss a thing?" Dan Matheny, BC-HIS, owner

The most popular style of hearing aid today is the open fit style. It's popular because it brings you better hearing without the "plugged up" feeling. The hearing aid nestles behind or over your ear, hidden in the shadows, with a thin tube or wire that discreetly connects to a soft dome or custom fitted mold that sits in your ear canal. This style is appropriate for a wide range of hearing losses, and allows for excellent hearing with a nearly invisible hearing aid. Often, people report that nobody even knows they are wearing a hearing aid! Among our selections, we offer the smallest hearing aids on the market today!

If you prefer a custom fitted hearing aid, depending on your level of hearing loss and your style preferences we can help you decide which custom model will fit you best.

In the Ear (Custom) Hearing Aids
Each custom hearing hearing aid is created from an impression of your ear canal, so they fit precisely in your ear and are easy to insert and remove. They’re literally made and programmed for you and are as individual as you are!

Small. Discreet. Comfortable.
Custom hearing aids are available in different models, including in-the-ear (ITE, also known as full-shell) and half-shell (HS), both of which fit into the “bowl” of your outer ear, and in-the-canal (ITC), which fits mostly in your ear canal.
If you are seeking the tiniest, most discreet hearing aid possible, you have the following choices:

· Completely-in-the-canal (CIC): Fits completely inside your ear canal.

· Invisible-in-the-canal (IIC): The IIC is the most “invisible” hearing aid available, since it sits deeper inside your ear canal, offering the utmost discretion. So far, 100% of our clients who have tried them love them!

Many features in a tiny package.

Despite their small size custom hearing aids pack a powerful technological punch.
· Multiple listening programs
· Adjustable volume control
· Tinnitus therapy features
· Directional microphones
· Wireless connectivity, so you can stream audio from your TV or favorite devices and aplications
· Color choices to match hair or skin, or show off your flair for fashion

Why you should come to us for your custom hearing aid needs.
Our highly trained staff has knowledge and practical experience on the modeling, assembly, fitting, programming, repair and modification of custom hearing aids. At our office, you will find custom solutions that combine crystal-clear sound with comfort and the utmost discretion. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and find out if a custom solution is right for you.


BTE = BEHIND THE EAR  These are hearing aids worn over or behind the ear, with a tube carrying the sound to an earmold which is worn in the ear for delivery of sound into the ear canal. When connected to the ear through slim tubes and open domes, many of these hearing aids serve very well as open fit hearing solutions, reducing or eliminating the "in-the-barrel", "full", or "plugged up" feeling from amplification into a plugged up ear canal. Often, this occlusion is the reason people don't wear their hearing aids, even though they and their loved ones and friends all agree they need them. Open ear fittings with new hearing aids usually end the problem of occlusion, and make hearing natural again. BTE hearing aids are usually the most durable hearing aid solution, and the most economical to operate.

ITE = IN THE EAR  These are custom hearing aids worn in the ear. The ITE size is generally associated with the hearing aids that fill the entire concha, use a size 13 battery, have a generous size volume control. Generally more observable and subject to wind turbulence than smaller sizes, it benefits from the larger battery for easier handling and longer life, and directional microphones that are better able to discern the direction of the source of sounds. Smaller sizes are ITC (in-the-canal), CIC (completely-in-canal), and IIC (invisible-in-canal). Very discreet.

RIC = RECEIVER IN THE CANAL  These are the most popular hearing aids sold today. Also called RITE, they provide many of the benefits of the open fit BTE mentioned below, and with the receiver (speaker) in the ear canal, connected by a small wire to the hearing aid which sits above or behind your ear, People sometimes choose this style because they feel that the sound is the most natural. A very discreet custom-fit earmold is available to assist with retention and comfort, that many people find to be a worthwhile addition.

Open fit BTE  These are very similar to the RIC mentioned above. The difference is that the receiver (speaker) is in the hearing aid instead of sitting in your ear. The sound is carried through a slim tube into your canal, where it ends with an open dome, and delivers the sound into your ear canal. Long term, this is a considerably less expensive style to maintain. Since the speaker isn't in the rather challenging environment of your ear canal, it is much less likely to experience failure. If the tube gets plugged, just clean it out and you are back in business. Earmolds are available in this style, too. Another discreet and comfortable option.


Premium level hearing aids are the best available. They have all the 'bells and whistles' that their manufacturer offers.

Advanced level hearing aids are very good, but lack the special feature that defines the best from a manufacturer's hearing aid line. Usually that special feature is really of great benefit. It's worth the extra expense. Why miss out on something that will make a significant difference in your life, for just a little more?

Value level hearing aids offer fewer speech enhancing features. Bluetooth and wireless functions may be unavailable on some models.

Economy level hearing aids are usually de-featured model of the current generation of hearing aids. They do a good job, and lots of people are very pleased with these hearing aids. Our economy level aids provide all the essential functions.

From top of the line to the bottom, they are all good. Only you can balance how important it is to you to hear well the sounds in your life with your financial resources and ability. We'll give every effort to make you happy with your hearing aid results. 

My testimonial page has testimonials from wearers of hearing aids from all technology levels represented. They are all happy. We will help you choose what best suits your hearing needs, your lifestyle needs, and your budget needs.

Unitron has a great feature on their newest generations of hearing aids. If you purchase hearing aids, and later want to upgrade to a more sophisticated circuit, there's an answer. With the Flex program we can upgrade your hearing aids just by connecting them to our computer and making the change. The cost for the upgrade is just the difference in price levels; we get authorization from Unitron, and you have improved  hearing aids. Simply fantastic!