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Hearing Solutions

When you call, our friendly receptionist will discover what you want, and set a time for you to come in for your hearing appointment. Kristi will answer any questions you have pertaining to preparation for your appointment.

Your appointment will usually be set for 2 hours, but often it takes less of your time. We don’t want you to feel hurried through the process. Your hearing is a vital part of your life, and we will do all we can to enhance your experience.

When you arrive in our office, you will be greeted, and asked to fill out a small questionnaire about your hearing, and how it is affecting your life.

You will be welcomed into our sound treated testing room, where your hearing will be evaluated.

You will be asked a few questions to see if there are any problems that should be referred to a competent medical facility for evaluation and possible medical treatment.

Your hearing will be evaluated, using pure tones and speech, to determine how well you can hear, and what solutions would be best for you. Your hearing loss, your lifestyle needs, and your budget are all considered, as we decide the best course of action for you to improve your hearing experience.

You will receive a copy of the hearing test results.

We (you and your hearing professional) will decide which hearing aid system is best for you, and your situations. Often, the hearing aid you want will be in stock on our shelves. In that case, we will fit you with your hearing aids on your first appointment, and you will leave the office with your new hearing solution in place. We may need to order your hearing aids, and they will be quickly delivered to our office from the manufacturer. We will usually be able to set an appointment to deliver them to you within a week or two of your first appointment.

When you get your hearing aids, your 45 Day Money Back Guarantee period begins. Our whole purpose is to give you an excellent permanent solution to your current and prospective hearing problem. We aim for a solution that will be adjustable to handle any further hearing loss that will occur as time goes on.

Your friends and family will love having you hear them better. It will make their lives better, and that is one reason that your life will be better, too. Soon your hearing aids will be something you are not comfortable without.

We look forward to helping you on your road to better hearing. Since your hearing is our main concern, we make it as affordable as possible, in terms of your outlay of time and money. This allows us to maximize your hearing aid buying potential. Your savings will much more than pay for your time and travel, even if you live far away.