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Patient Testimonials

To Whom it May Concern:

In December of 2013 at the urging of my family members, I began a search to obtain hearing aides. I visited several businesses here in Albany where I live. Some of these businesses seemed very pushy to get me to purchase their product. The products seemed fine, but the cost and the pushiness of their presentations just put me on the defensive. I said thank you, and I will be back to you when I have made a decision.

My search took me to Oregon Hearing Health Service, in Lebanon. I was able to quickly obtain an appointment with them.

Mr. Dan Matheny made me feel most welcome and explained a lot to me about how hearing aides work, how important daily use of the aides is to your overall hearing success. At the time of my visit his son was in the room observing the procedures and the process of a successful outcome. I had not been aware of several of the fine points and how to use the aides properly, take daily care of the batteries and the ease of changing batteries as needed. He supplied me with a small appliance to carry that I can use to make adjustment to the volume of the aides. He explained that the appliance would help me when I was in a different arena where the sounds would be different to hear. That appliance has been most helpful to me.

A financial agreeement was made and a supply of new batteries was provided. He asured me that I would be able to call and ask any questions that I might have in regard to the aides use. I had been in his office for approximately one hour. Dan answered any questions that I had and was very patient with me.

I have found my experience with Oregon Hearing Health Service to be very efficient, helpful, and with a cheerful attitude and financially affordable.

Shirley J. Harrison  (Albany, Oregon)

Dear Potential Customer:

If you’re thinking about getting hearing aids, you’ve come to the right place! My name is Ray Novencido. I’m a retired Correctional Administrator (Associate Warden) with the California Department of Corrections.

For many years, while in uniform, discharging firearms was almost a daily function when I was assigned to maximum security prisons such as San Quentin, Folsom, and High Desert State Prison (my last assigned institutions). Unfortunately, the sound levels when shooting a high-powered rifle in a closed setting such as a cell block or gun tower is quite deafening and, consequently, it is understandable why many officers suffer severe hearing loss, as myself.

Throughout the years, I’ve purchased different hearing aids but wearing them while working the cell blocks could prove quite a detriment because these devices did not discriminate certain directional sounds. Oftentimes, I heard the din of many voices and found difficulty in hearing the person in front of me. When an inmate approached from behind, I could not hear his footsteps. These challenges culminated in my “ditching” the hearing aids, which were antiquated when they came to performance. The last time I wore a pair was in the mid-90's; and all these years until now, I suffered the inability to adequately hear my friends and family.

Last year, I responded to an ad in the newspapers by Oregon Hearing Health Service, which offered state-of-the-art hearing aids at affordable prices. I had previously thought about buying a pair, but most of them were cost prohibitive. Dan Matheny, owner of OHHS, not only proved to be a professional in his chosen field, his consummate skills in testing me for the right unit proved to be “right on target” (pardon the prison pun). He and his assistant, Jan, are very friendly, easy-going, and they made my subsequent visits to the office quite pleasurable. Most of all, since my wife and I are, and have been for the past twelve years, raising three grandchildren, Dan made it easy for me to purchase the hearing aids by allowing installment payments.

So, if you’re seriously considering purchasing hearing aids, Dan is the man to see. He’ll give you the friendly service you deserve and product(s) you need at reasonable prices and I’m sure you’ll walk away satisfied. By the way, I’m writing this letter on the basis of customer satisfaction, not as a paid advertiser. And here’s my number (541) 401-0386 if you need further testimonial. (Dan's note: Ray's number is no longer in service. He has moved to a warmer, dryer location, having tired of our rain and dampness. We will miss him and his family.)


Raymond Novencido
Retired Correctional Administrator
California Department of Corrections

"I was born hearing impaired and went one year to deaf school as a boy to learn to read lips. It was 1956 when I was 19 years old that I got my first hearing aid and it was built with transistors. I have dealt with many hearing aid service providers through the years and my experiences with Dan have been the best ever. I found him when I was needing a repair and called around for a better price. He saved me over half the price of what my previous hearing aid dealer quoted me.

Dan has been in the business for over 23 years and knows what he is doing. He will take very good care of you and is willing to work with you to make the finances manageable, especially for a senior citizen on a fixed income. He has a great sense of humor and is easy to talk to. I have absolutely nothing but good to say about him."  Walter Aulman, Albany

"Do I love hearing aids? Oh, yes! Not mine, but my husbands. It took months and years for me to convince him he needed a simple hearing test. We had stopped talking together. It was just too much trouble to repeat everything. Dan Matheny was so kind. During the hearing test it didn’t take long for my dear companion to realize he really couldn’t hear. One week later I could report to Dan that it was a relief and a delight for me to now talk to my husband in my normal voice and he immediately responds! It has made a remarkable difference in our lives. I highly recommend Dan Matheny."  Louise Nash, Corvallis

"For years I have refused to believe I had a hearing problem. True, I had a problem understanding some of my wife’s comments, but I attributed it to my wife’s soft voice when she had to repeat a key word several times, eventually shouting when I failed to grasp what she was saying. I was simply too proud to admit I had a problem. We would be watching TV and I had to ask her "What did s(he)say?"

Finally we read in the local newspaper about a risk-free hearing test. To clinch the argument of my getting a hearing test we saw that the hearing clinic was close to Corvallis, and Dan Matheny was an old acquaintance. My wife’s persistent insistence that I had a problem and my desire for an excuse to visit Dan Matheny led to making an appointment. Secretly I wanted to verify that my hearing was not all that bad. Whoops!

The testing was comfortable, Dan extremely kind and understanding. Within the first 20 minutes of the test I had to confess I needed hearing aids. Life has been so much easier and pleasant since I was fitted with unobtrusive hearing aids. What a waste of years for not understanding all that others were saying to me. I heartily recommend making a visit and remove the doubts you may have regarding your own hearing."  Boyd Nash, Corvallis

"The first day I walked into Dan’s office I had a problem with a device that another provider had sold me, but seemed unwilling to take care of. Dan handed me a lightly used one explaining that the device was obsolete and no longer being marketed. Imagine my surprise when I asked what I owed…..nothing. Dan simply said to come back and see him sometime. A few days later one of my aids began to fail; I called Dan and explained my capabilities and needs and scheduled an appointment. I am a challenge to deal with, at 43 years old I am not your typical hearing aid consumer. I work hard and play hard. I sweat a lot, I am outside nearly all time and I have a severe loss profile meaning that I have no options other than a high power Behind-The-Ear aid. I work in an occupation that requires several hours a week on the phone, mostly while driving. Dan listened to my needs and experience levels; when I arrived for my appointment Dan had 2 sets of aids complete with accessories ready for me to test.

Dan earned my business in the first visit, the second visit proved to me beyond doubt that Dan was a provider that I could trust and rely upon to take care of my needs now and in the future.

I would whole-heartedly recommend Dan and Oregon Hearing Health Service to anyone with hearing loss."  Kevin Mathers, Lebanon

"Dan, just a note to let you know how I'm doing with the hearing aids I purchased from you.  It has been several months now.  I've had different aids since 2001 and these are by far the best I've had!  Thanks. George Walberg", Sweet Home